Viking Vixen Adult CostumeThis Halloween are you considering a Female Warrior Costume? This is the website for you…the woman of strength. The woman of sex appeal and power! Here you will find all kinds of options to bring out the Amazon woman within. We’ve even got navigation on the upper right-hand side for superheroes, both girls and adult women.

A classic outfit for the barbarian Nordic female is The Viking Warrior Vixen costume.  Straight forward, simple and a powerhouse outfit.  The brown and white suede-like corset top with gold trims really make this outfit pop.  A matching hat that has gold Viking wings and a sexy gold and brown choker adds to the glovettes and matching boot tops.  All you need now is a sword.Babe-A-Lonian Warrior

Let’s look at whats new for Halloween!  The Babe-a-Lonian Warrior costume will surely turn heads and keep you in command.  This ensemble features a metallic brown stretch knit dress and has very appealing details and chiffon cape.  Wristbands with gold accents coupled with the beaded detail headpiece create a very regal, intimidating woman.  The right kind of sexy Amazon sandals will help you to stand proud.

Another new addition is The Shrek Fiona Warrior costume.  This famous dress features a suede-like top, a green plaided skirt and attached shoulder armour with Fiona Warrior Costumeplush spikes…yikes.  Belt and buckle, fake metal cuff, an arm gauntlet and a Shrek ogre-ear headpiece.  Consider possibly a choker to extenuate this outfit even more.  Cute, sassy and ready to kick butt this Halloween.

Teenagers and young girls will love The Scandinavian Sweetie outfit.   Pretty and soft brown suede-like material and pink fake fur dress that also has with it an attached belt, and a Scandinavian Teen Warrior Cutiesweet looking pink fake fur head-piece.  Also, this costume comes with a pair of plush fake fur boot covers that complete the Scandinavian style.

Also for young girls there is a brand new outfit called The Viking Princess costume.  Wow…so much detail!  A beautiful white an orange dress with gleaming gold trimming,  a benevolent warrior princess headpiece, and also comes with a gold colored necklace that features a pendant.  Detailed with a fake fur trimmed gold cape, and a pair of fake fur trimmed gold and white gloves.  Look out all you barbarians!

Getting the right female warrior costume will be much fun, since there is so much to choose from.  Whether you’re heading out to trick or treat with the kids or heading out to your Halloween party, the woman viking is always a hit.  And when you’re heading out to your Halloween activity, think about taking along a carved pumpkin and have your friends do the same.

Safety is another very important factor when it comes to Halloween and trick or treating.  Be sure both parents and children have a conversation to the safety tips this season.  And also, be sure to have lots of fun and games, because before we know it…Halloween will be over.  Cheers and have a fun and safe Halloween!

Xena Warrior Princess